Monday, July 23, 2012

FIX University Looks @ Domus Academy

The Department was born with the objective to work on the whole universe of urban experience. In this perspective, the department has created a training project of excellence able to reflect on the changes and transformations of the built space, promoting a permanent research activity for design models and solutions that are appropriate and innovative.
The Course
Domus Academy has always had a wide and multidisciplinary approach to design research and teaching, which makes it possible to have a wide vision on design. The Master in Interior and Living Design intends to focus on the need to explore all aspects that concern design: from the most technical to the most intuitive ones, and to combine them in order to contemplate the various nuances of meaning in the words to live, to dwell, to use. Milan offers a wide range of historical and contemporary stimulating examples; its long tradition in experimenting and finding practical solutions to the problems of living and dwelling makes it unique.
Enjoy the interview with some students of the Master in Master in Interior and Living Design!
Yana Dadasheva, Russia
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